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Gallery #221:
Ava Everett vs Roni Nicole
ava vs roni
Gallery #220:
Santana vs Shanna
santana vs shanna
Gallery #219:
Kimber Lee vs Tesha Price
kimber vs tesha
Gallery #218:
Mila Moore vs Trixie
mila vs trixie
Gallery #217:
Rain vs Shantelle Taylor
rain vs shantelle
Gallery #216:
Kellie Skater vs Madison Eagles
kellie vs madison
Gallery #215:
Fantasia vs Su Yung
fantasia vs su
Gallery #214:
Kellie Skater vs Marti Belle
kellie vs marti
Gallery #213:
Tracy Taylor vs Trixie
tracy vs trixie
Gallery #212:
Ivelisse vs Little Jeanne
ivelisse vs jeanne
Gallery #211:
Jayme Jameson vs Marti Belle
jayme vs marti
Gallery #210:
Amber O'Neal vs Shanna
amber vs shanna
Gallery #209:
Evie vs Kay Lee Ray
evie vs kay lee
Gallery #208:
Nina Monet vs The WoAD
nina vs woad
Gallery #207:
La Rosa Negra vs Shanna
la rosa vs shanna
Gallery #206:
Rain vs Violet Payne
rain vs violet
Gallery #205:
Kellie Skater vs Tenille
kellie vs tenille
Gallery #204:
Fantasia vs Rain
fantasia vs rain
Gallery #203:
Shazza McKenzie vs Rhia O'Reilly
shazza vs rhia
Gallery #202:
Ashley Lane vs Lorelei Lee
ashley vs lorelei
Gallery #201:
Leva vs Portia Perez
leva vs portia
Gallery #200:
April Hunter vs Su Yung
april vs su
Gallery #199:
Alpha Female vs Jessicka Havok
alpha vs jessicka
Gallery #198:
Kaci Lennox vs Lindsay Snow
kaci vs lindsay
Gallery #197:
Leah Vaughn vs Priscilla Kelly
leah vs priscilla
Gallery #196:
Justine Silver vs Kellie Skater
kellie vs justine
Gallery #195:
Allysin Kay vs Jayme Jameson
allysin vs jayme
Gallery #194:
Jazz vs Sara Del Rey
jazz vs sara
Gallery #193:
LeiLani Kai vs Amazing Kong
leilani vs kong
Gallery #192:
Cami Fields vs Layne Rosario
cami vs layne
Gallery #191:
Angel Williams vs Nikki Roxx
angel vs nikki
Gallery #190:
Marti Belle vs Shane Andrews
marti vs shane
Gallery #189:
Holly Blossom vs Taryn Shay
holly vs taryn
Gallery #188:
Jayme Jameson vs Luscious Latasha
jayme vs latasha
Gallery #187:
Ivelisse vs Sassy Stephie
ivelisse vs stephie
Gallery #186:
Jessie Belle vs Kimberly
jessie belle vs kimberly
Gallery #185:
Maria Manic vs Chico Adams
maria vs chico
Gallery #184:
Cherry Bomb vs LeiLani Kai
cherry vs leilani
Gallery #183:
Aerial Monroe vs Randi West
aerial vs randi
Gallery #182:
Chelsea Durden vs Kelsey Raegan
chelsea vs kelsey
Gallery #181:
Mia Yim vs Nevaeh
mia vs nevaeh
Gallery #180:
Kikyo vs Nina Monet
kikyo vs nina
Gallery #179:
Angel Williams vs Ivelisse
angel vs ivelisse
Gallery #178:
Amber O'Neal vs Samantha Heights
amber vs samantha
Gallery #177:
Kristin Astara vs Lorelei Lee
kristin vs lorelei
Gallery #176:
Mercedes Martinez vs Marti Belle
mercedes vs marti
Gallery #175:
Marti Belle vs Nicole Matthews
marti vs nicole
Gallery #174:
Lacey vs Nikki Roxx
lacey vs nikki
Gallery #173:
Amazing Kong vs Su Yung
kong vs su
Gallery #172:
Charli Evans vs Rocky Radley
charli vs rocky
Gallery #171:
Heidi Lovelace vs Tina San Antonio
heidi vs tina
Gallery #170:
Nevaeh vs Sassy Stephie
nevaeh vs stephie
Gallery #169:
Andrea vs Santana
andrea vs santana
Gallery #168:
Leah Von Dutch vs McChif
leah vs mschif
Gallery #167:
Jen Blake vs Sumie Sakai
jen vs sumie
Gallery #166:
Nikki Roxx vs Rachel Summerlyn
nikki vs rachel
Gallery #165:
Heidi Lovelace vs Jazz
heidi vs jazz
Gallery #164:
Brandi Wine vs Sin-D
brandi vs sin-d
Gallery #163:
Evie vs Ivelisse
evie vs ivelisse
Gallery #162:
Malia Hosaka vs Randi West
malia vs randi
Gallery #161:
Taylor Made vs Viper
taylor vs viper
Gallery #160:
Angel Williams vs Kristin Astara
angel vs kristin
Gallery #159:
Layne Rosario vs Saraya
layne vs saraya
Gallery #158:
Madison Eagles vs Sara Del Rey
madison vs sara
Gallery #157:
Little Jeanne vs Kristin Astara
jeanne vs kristin
Gallery #156:
Jayme Jameson vs Sara Del Rey
jayme vs sara
Gallery #155:
Kimberly vs Shanna
kimberly vs shanna
Gallery #154:
Nevaeh vs Stormie Lee
nevaeh vs stormie
Gallery #153:
Amy Love vs Jennifer Blake
amy vs jennifer
Gallery #152:
Jessie Belle vs Sassy Stephie
jessie belle vs stephie
Gallery #151:
Crazy Mary Dobson vs Tessa Blanchard
mary vs tessa
Gallery #150:
Aja Perrera vs Nathan Cruz
aja vs nathan
Gallery #149:
Courtney Rush vs Nikki Storm
courtney vs nikki
Gallery #148:
Nicole Matthews vs Taylor Made
nicole vs taylor
Gallery #147:
Angel Williams vs April Hunter
angel vs april
Gallery #146:
Rain vs Sugar Dunkerton
rain vs sugar
Gallery #145:
Courtney Rush vs Evie
courtney vs evie
Gallery #144:
Jessicka Havok vs La Rosa Negra
jessicka vs la rosa
Gallery #143:
Mia Yim vs Tomoka Nakagawa
hiroyo vs mia
Gallery #142:
Nevaeh vs Nikki Roxx
nevaeh vs nikki
Gallery #141:
Kristin Astara vs Marti Belle
kristin vs marti
Gallery #140:
Daffney vs Malia Hosaka
daffney vs malia

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