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This is the video available until November 2017 sometime.

SLAMpeg 1864: Brittney Savage vs Ivelisse

Championship gold is on the line in this 2 out of 3 falls match.
Chain wrestling to start and Ivelisse celebrates a single-leg takedown like she has already won the championship. Minutes later, Ivelisse takes a big step towards the gold when she executes a perfect Suplex and floats over into a Guillotine choke. Brittney is left with no alternative but to relinquish the first fall by submission.

The first fall takes a lot out of Savage and she seems unable to build to a sustained offense. Ivelisse is quick to capitalize with a short-arm Clothesline and more submission tactics. Can Brittney turn this match around or will the aggressive Ivelisse make it a clean sweep to win the belt?

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11+ min. 349 MBs WMV Format, 1280 x 720

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