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This is the video available until May 2018 sometime.

SLAMpeg 2810: Kay Lee Ray vs Mia Yim

Kay Lee Ray and Mia Yim, two of the roster’s most athletic members, are all business coming out of their respective corners, managing a quick handshake and launching immediately into a lockup. The evenly matched duo test each other’s strength and endurance, clamping on headlocks, wringing arms and executing some spectacular takedowns.
It isn’t long though before the big guns come out in the form of brutal Neckscissors, backbending Boston Crabs, Ceiling Holds and elaborate submission combos. And, despite the overall sportsmanlike nature of this contest, neither lady is above the occasional choke (perhaps combined with a backbreaking submission or two) or kick to the stomach. Whatever the choice of hold, these ladies are kinetic to the extreme, constantly on the move and never in rest mode.

The final submission has one lady knotted around the ropes at an angle that the human body simply isn’t made to bend at, eliciting a hard-won victory for her opponent.

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