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This is the video available until July 2019 sometime.

SLAMpeg 1662: Luscious Latasha vs Chris Gray

April Hunter is the guest ref in this Five Star Classic one-fall intergender matchup.
The speedy Chris takes the advantage early with takedowns, shoulder blocks and a barrage of elbows, knees and forearm smashes. And any time he gets Latasha down on the mat, he takes a certain amount of joy in walking across her back or belly to add insult to injury.

He keeps on the attack with a reverse Bearhug, Backbreaker on the mat, a modified Abdominal Stretch, a vicious Clothesline off the ropes and numerous rope chokes and forearms. Latasha takes advantage of her opportunities to lay into her foe, showing impressive speed and skill by nailing Chris with a running Dropkick in the corner and a Sunset Flip off the ropes. Chris continues to dominate Latasha in the later stages of the match, with chokeholds, a modified Camel Clutch, head slams into the turnbuckle.

The match comes to a sudden and devastating end when one wrestler hits a tremendous leaping Enziguri kick that has the other staring up at the ceiling for the three count. Does Chris’ dominance translate into a victory, or was it Latasha who able to turn a rare moment of offense into the end of the match?

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