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This is the video available until March 2017 sometime.

SLAMpeg 1013: Alexxis Neveah & Su Yung vs Sara Del Rey

Alexxis and Su team up to take on Sara in this handicap match, but before the match has even begun, Su Yung is attacked by a masked assailant who injures her leg. Despite the pain, she agrees to go ahead with the match.
Alexxis starts the match and manages to hold her own, even dominate Del Rey. With Sara seemingly weakened, Su is eager to join the action and Alexxis reluctantly tags her in. Unfortunately, a missed Dropkick reinjures Su Yung’s leg and she seems unable to continue. Anyone who thinks this information might stop Del Rey probably doesn’t know her very well. Sara focuses on the injured leg, quickly scoring the submission that eliminates Su Yung.

With Sara now focused on Alexxis, it is not long before there are two injured wrestlers in the ring along with an angry Del Rey and a number of chairs. A combination that scares even the referee from the ring. From that point on, the tag-team, and their legs, are at the mercy of Del Rey. And that’s no mercy at all.

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12 min. 357 MBs WMV Format, 1280 x 720

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