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This is the video available until February 2017 sometime.

SLAMpeg 1245: Davina Rose vs Kellie Skater

There’s plenty of fast-paced action, high-impact maneuvers and technical wrestling action in this one-fall bout, which sees more than 10 pin attempts before a winner is finally decided.

The merciless Kellie works over Davina with pounding fists and feet, attacking her against the turnbuckles and down on the mat. She hits her opponent with Clotheslines, a bodyscissors/Full Nelson combo, numerous Suplexes, a catapult into the turnbuckles, a one-legged Boston Crab and shows just how vicious she can be when she traps Davina in a Camel Clutch and rains forearms across the face of her trapped foe.

But Davina won’t lay down for the count and the speedy grappler returns fire with shoulderblocks, hiptosses, a small package, a flying shoulder block and a Neckbreaker. Kellie won’t stay down, either and she responds with an anklelock before lifting Davina up in a Fireman’s Carry. Has the Rate Tank rolled over another opponent, or does Davina have enough tricks left up her sleeve to pull out a victory?

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