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jar of hope
All of the proceeds from each purchase of these specially priced video matches will go towards the displayed charity.
Simply purchase using the links below. Paypal purchasers will get an email from us within 24 hours with their download link.

If you feel like it, please feel free to click the charity banner above, investigate the cause and donate more directly to them.

Be sure and check back regularly as we plan on switching the available video every month!
This is the video available until March 2023 sometime.

SLAMpeg 2656: Cherry Bomb vs Lacey

Cherry claims to have heard a lot about the Lovely Lacey. She is beautiful, classy, and has some gigantic biceps. Modest as she is, Lacey takes the compliments and flexes for Cherry, treating her to a first-class view of the gun show. Cherry fails to impress Lacey with her flexing, so Cherry challenges her to a test of strength. And anyone who has ever seen Lacey compete knows this: not only is she superduperstrong...she's crafty too. Right when Cherry is about to grab the advantage the Lovely One lands a cheap shot and starts choking her adversary like there's no tomorrow.

Cherry eventually snaps, telling Lacey she's a jerk, mean, and worst of all...she has an ugly singing voice. Oh no she didn't! Proving that turnabout is fair play, Cherry now starts choking the life out of Lacey and soon we have an all-out screamfest. In between all the foul play, these grapplers exchange Snapmares, Surfboards and Full Nelsons until a final Cobra Clutch shuts one of them up. Well, at least temporarily.

Lower Quality Sample to Preview the Action!

11+ min. 347 MBs WMV Format, 1280 x 720

$5 through Paypal

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