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jar of hope
All of the proceeds from each purchase of these specially priced video matches will go towards the displayed charity.
Simply purchase using the links below. Paypal purchasers will get an email from us within 24 hours with their download link.

If you feel like it, please feel free to click the charity banner above, investigate the cause and donate more directly to them.

Be sure and check back regularly as we plan on switching the available video every month!
This is the video available until June 2023 sometime.

SLAMpeg 3086: Kennadi Brink vs Leah Vaughan

This match opens with Chelsea Green being roughed up by Kennadi on the outside of the ring before being forced into referee servitude. Her opponent Leah doesn't seem to bothered by the odd situation and she gives herself a delightfully over the top introduction.

Leah gets off first, kicking Kennadi around the ring and executing a Sleeperhold that could end the match early...if Chelsea was in any condition to ask for a submission. The frustration only increases for Leah when she gets Kennadi to tap to the Leah Lock, but her win isn't acknowledged by the referee. With Leah protesting, Kennadi suddenly finds an opening to scoop the golden blonde up and crush her with a Sidewalk Slam!

Now that it's Kennadi's turn to dish out some punishment, she relishes every second of the opportunity. Kennadi strangles Leah on the ropes, then follows up with a neck wrenching Cravat. None too happy with the ref herself, Kennadi hangs Chelsea up in the tree of woe and sends Leah crashing into her! Leah is laid out with a complete shot, but that isn't the end for her. Kennadi shows off her strength by dropping Chelsea on top of Leah with a front slam, leaving the Canadian duo in a pained pile-up.

Lower Quality Sample to Preview the Action!

10+ min. 457 MB MP4 Format, 1280 x 720

$5 through Paypal
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